Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The heating and cooling systems in your car do much more than you might think. Not only does the air conditioning and heater system keep you at the right temperature, but important parts under the hood keep your car’s engine at the proper temperature to function its best. Neglecting the maintenance of the coolant systems in your car could result in serious damage to your vehicle.

Your car is able to stay cool under the hood by transferring the heat from the engine to the air. This is accomplished by circulating fluid through various passageways in and around the engine. Sometimes, your engine overheating could simply be a result of not enough radiator fluid. Other times, however, much more serious problems could be hurting your vehicle?s engine without your knowledge.

This is why you need the expert care of the technicians at Davies Auto Care. Our mechanics are trained to diagnose and then fix any issue with your vehicle?s heating and cooling systems you may be experiencing. Don’t let a minor issue turn into lengthy and expensive repairs by ignoring the problem!

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