Fuel Injectors

Car mechanic fixing fuel injector at two camshaft gasoline engineIf your car is experiencing problems with the engine, such as misfiring, irregular power, decreased gas mileage or has fuel scent? These can all be signs that your fuel injector is broken or has a leak and needs replacement.

Simply put, in order for the engine to run properly, it needs oxygen and fuel. The oxygen supply comes from the air around the engine, and the fuel is taken from the gasoline tank. The fuel injector is the part that helps control the right amount of gasoline applied to the engine since it is constantly changing. Because the levels of oxygen supplied to the engine fluctuate, the gas must match in order for it to run efficiently and not waste any gasoline. This is why the job of the fuel injector is very important, and if it is malfunctioning can quickly become problem. A few common reasons why fuel injectors cause issues are that they are clogged or dirty, do not close or open, or they have a leak.

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