Tire Service

Tire Service

Over time our car goes through a lot wear and tear causing our tires to wear away becoming very dangerous for you and drivers around. Tire service is a very important part of your monthly or annual auto maintenance schedule. By having a regular tire service you can prevent potential problems caused by damaged tires. The specialists at Davies Auto Care will give your car a full tire service to make sure everything is aligned correctly and your tires are in good shape.

Tire Rotation

It is possible that your tires are only in need of a tire rotation, which means the same tires will be used on your care, but in different places. Tires have a tendency to wear out depending on your type of driving. Routine tire rotations can extend the life of your tires as they are now placed differently on your car. It is suggested to rotate your tires at least once a month.

Tire Change

In some cases your tires have reached the limit and have come to an end. This is very important to know as driving with completely worn down tires can cause accidents that are harmful to you, your passengers and those around you. We have a variety of tires to choose from so your car has the best fit.

Get in touch with Davies Auto Care to schedule an overdue tire service or any other auto maintenance needs. We?re here to keep your car in tip top shape!

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