Transmission Flush

transmission-flushAt Davies Auto Care, we not only word hard to repair your car so that it runs its best, but we also help maintain your car, helping prevent future damage or breakdowns. Experts recommend that every 30,000 miles or 2 years your car?s transmission needs to get what?s called a transmission flush to help protect it and keep it working smoothly and efficiently. However, sometimes it may need it sooner than that depending on how it is functioning. If your car is experiencing some issues, such as slipping gears, a surge of power, abnormal noises or grinding, movement delay, any issues with gear shifting, these may be signs that your car is in need of transmission flush.

Avoid any more costly damage to your transmission, and bring your car into Davies Auto Care today, so our experts can identify the problem and help you fix it. Our goal is to provide our loyal customers with excellent service and get them safely back on the road!