Check Engine Light

At Davies Auto Care, we understand how frustrating or frightening it can be to have your check engine light come on, which is why we want to share the most common reasons this happens. If your check engine light comes on, it is never a good feeling because you know something is wrong that needs to be examined and fixed. There can be a number of reasons large to small that can be the cause, such as a loose gas cap or a bigger issue like a broken catalytic converter.
Some people confuse the service requirement light with the check engine light, but they are very different, as the first only indicates a regular maintenance check up like an oil change, whereas the latter shows that your car is in trouble. The light varies in color from orange to yellow. If it is flashing that means there is a much more serious problem, like a misfire that can overheat the engine and creates a fire hazard. So don?t ignore your check engine light. It?s there for a reason! These lights were installed to protect your car from malfunctioning and damage. If the check engine light comes on and it is steady rather than flashing, some people know it isn?t an emergency and will choose to ignore it for fear of a costly bill; however, not getting it checked by a mechanic can cause a much more expensive problem in the future. It?s better to be safe and have your car examined before a greater issue arises. But before rushing into the mechanic, you can look to see if your gas cap is tightened properly since that is a common cause.
The most common reasons why the check engine light comes on are listed below.
  • Loose gas cap ? this indicates that fuel vapors may be leaking and the cap either needs to be tightened or replaced if it?s cracked.
  • Spark plug wires need replacement ? these are bound to fail over time because they only last a certain amount of time (newer cars spark plugs can last up to 100,000 miles)
  • Oxygen sensor needs replacement ? this keeps track of how much fuel your car Is burning
  • Mass air flow sensor needs replacement ? the air filters need to be changed once a year or it can cause the air flow sensor to malfunction
  • Catalytic Converter ? these don?t often break or need replacement, however if the oxygen sensor breaks or spark plugs are ruined, it may cause the catalytic converter to fail, which is why it is so important to have your car checked once the check engine light comes on
Don?t wait to have your car examined when the check engine light comes on because it may lead to a larger, more expensive problem! Our mechanics have the expertise to locate the issue and quickly determine what needs to be fixed, so that check engine light will go away. Get your car working smoothly and effectively and stop by Davies Auto Care today!