Transmission Replacement

transmission-replacement (1)Transmissions are very complex and often break down long before the engine does. If your transmission is failing, Davies Auto Care can help you replace it! Our experienced technicians are certified to rebuild and repair vehicle transmissions.

The transmission in your car is what provides a smooth transition between gear changes. When you change gears, the bands and clutches inside the transmission allow for the switching of gears. Each time you change gears, natural wear will occur, and when you change gears while accelerating the wear becomes even greater. Replacing a transmission is usually easier than replacing the engine since the engine generally outlives the transmission by a long shot. Signs of a failing transmission are inability to shift into a certain gear, delays in gear shifts, unusual noises, or if the engine check light or transmission light come on. Sometimes what may seem like a transmission problem can actually be an issue with the engine, so have your engine checked first.

There are a few options for replacing your transmission including rebuild, remanufacture and used. New transmissions are not available unless you are buying a new car. To have your transmission rebuild, our experts will disassemble the transmission and inspect it for bad parts. They will then replace all damaged and worn parts and put it back together, so that it runs according to factory specifications. The remanufacturing option is similar to rebuild with the exception that it is done in a factory. The last option is to find a used transmission that is salvaged from a junkyard to replace yours, yet this may be a riskier option since you don?t know if it will be reliable or not.

If you have any questions about having your transmission replaced, call Davies Auto Care today and our experts can talk with you about your options. Don?t let your car break down because of a transmission problem! Come into Davies Auto Care today to have it checked and ensure it is safe to drive!