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The Best Oil Change Services in CA

Changing your vehicle’s oil is simple and beneficial, but often overlooked. Because it can become easily neglected, engines will often break down and need to be repaired. Oil is essential for a car to run effectively and smoothly, like our bodies need blood and plants need water. But over time the oil will become old and dirty and will need to be replaced every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Read your owner’s manual and follow manufacturer’s recommended service schedules. At Davies Auto Care, our recommended vehicle inspection  schedules meet or exceed factory recommendations. Our maintenance schedules are especially designed to meet the demands of California’s road and weather conditions for the area. Your vehicle may require more or less maintenance depending on use and driving condition.

Oil works as a lubricant for your car’s engine. When the engine runs, the oil protects the metal from creating friction. Without oil, the friction from the metal would become so hot that it would weld together and cause the engine to stop working. You may have plenty of oil in your car, so why change it? Over time, dirt and debris will build up in the oil. Eventually, the filter will become clogged and the dirt in the oil will make it thick, causing more wear and tear to the engine. Old, dirty oil also doesn’t work like it’s intended to because the additives wear out, such as the rust-fighters, detergents, etc. When your oil goes bad, it doesn’t lubricate properly and results in hurting your vehicle’s engine. If you want your car to live a long and healthy life, then changing the oil when recommended will help improve its efficiency and keep your engine protected. Changing the oil also provides benefits such as better MPG. Old, dirty oil will slow the engine, making it work harder and result in needing gas more often. However, with new, clean oil, your engine will work like it?s supposed to with the proper lubrication and improve the miles per gallon your car gets. For older cars and trucks, an oil change can also help prevent harmful emissions. If the oil is old, it burns more easily, causing more pollution.

Avoid an engine that breaks down and needs repair by lack of a regular oil change. If your car has been neglected of an oil change and is overdue, stop by Davies Auto Care today for a much needed oil change! 

Our services include Auto Repair, Vehicle Inspection, and Auto Maintenance.

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