alignment man cathedral cityYou may not realize when your car’s alignment is off, which is why having it checked regularly is very important. Correct alignment is crucial for your car?s functions. Although the details of alignment are complex with many carefully placed parts, the concept is simple. Without alignment, your car would not travel in a straight direction. Even a slight misalignment will cause more tire wear, which will eventually cost you more money.

So how does misalignment happen? It can be as easy as bumping your car into a curb or running over an object such as a pothole. Even natural wear and tear is a factor in misalignment as parts crack or loosen, causing the suspension to be put out of place. Because misalignment causes problems with suspension, it may affect your safety as well.

A regular inspection will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle’s alignment is correct. If your car’s alignment is off it will be more difficult to handle and can cause costly problems later on. To avoid early wear and tear on your tires, save money, and ensure your safety, stop by Davies Auto Care today to have your car’s alignment checked!

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