Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostics

There are many issues that your car can develop due to electrical problems; from blown fuses, to broken electrical wires, to faulty switches, to spark plugs and wires going bad. Depending on the model of your car, the many parts will vary. Newer cars have more complex, computerized systems. But no matter the type of car you have, most electrical problems stem from the battery.

Because the battery is the source of electricity for your car, it is naturally the cause of most of your vehicle?s electric issues. If the headlights or stereo were left on, it can drain the battery. Sometimes all a dead battery needs is a quick fix by a jump-start or battery recharge. However, while this works if the battery was drained, it is not always the case. Car batteries only last 3-7 years and may need to be replaced. They can also become damaged or may not work properly due to a faulty component.

automotive electrical serviceAnother main problem that can occur is a broken or dead alternator. Signs of a dying alternator can be your headlights slowly fading, or if your car stalls. The alternator is what continuously charges the battery, so once the alternator fails the battery will eventually run out and stop working. If this is the case, you will need your alternator replaced.

Don?t let your car?s battery die by a faulty alternator or old battery. Bring your car into Davies Auto Care to have our experts inspect your electrical system and ensure that it?s working properly and efficiently, so you won?t get stranded or have to deal with the hassle and expense of future problems!

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