Need Car Repair in Cathedral City? Call Davies Auto Care

Davies Auto Repair should be on your speed dial if you are a car owner living in Cathedral City, California or nearby areas. We offer auto repair services for all makes and models of cars including foreign and domestic vehicles. Our auto mechanics have the experience to diagnose and fix any problem that may arise with your vehicle.

Some of the services we provide include:

Oil Change

Davies Auto Care can help you ensure that your engine is running in tip-top shape, through efficient oil change services at exactly the schedule that your car model requires. Whether it’s an oil change service or a full tune up, our technicians will make sure that your car runs smoothly.

Tire Rotations

If your tires need replacing, then get them replaced by our tire rotations experts. They will inspect your tires and recommend replacements based on their condition. This is particularly important, because tire problems that are not fairly obvious can be dangerous because they will show themselves only while driving, which by then will be too late.

Battery Replacement

If your battery needs replacement, then let us do the job for you. Our experienced technicians will replace your battery with one that has been tested and guaranteed to last longer than the original.

Air Conditioning Service

Our air conditioning specialists will keep your A/C system working efficiently. They will check its performance and clean out any debris from inside. A malfunctioning A/C could lead to excessive energy use, and of course it helps to mention that the climate in Cathedral City means you should never be without an A/C in your car. 

Windshield Wipers

Our windshield wipers are designed to work perfectly with your vehicle. All you have to do is give us a call and we will take care of everything else.

Radiator Flush

Your radiator is responsible for keeping your engine cool. If it gets clogged with dirt or other contaminants, then your car won’t run properly. Let our expert radiators flush your radiator so that it works like new again.

Exhaust System Cleaning

Your exhaust system helps remove harmful gasses from your engine. It also reduces noise pollution. However, over time, this system becomes dirty due to excessive dust and grime buildup. Let our professionals clean your exhaust system to restore its efficiency.

Transmission Services

Get your transmission serviced regularly to avoid costly repairs down the road. Our qualified technicians will perform routine maintenance checks such as fluid flushes and filter changes.

We offer free estimates for all of our services. Call today to book your appointment!