California Smog Check

California Smog Check

california-smog-checkBecause of high pollution and smog levels in the atmosphere, many states now require regular smog and emissions testing for all your vehicles. Here in California, we are no exception. In order to pass these smog tests each year, you will need regular and reliable maintenance on your car?s exhaust systems.

The experts at Davies Auto Care are trained to work on the exhaust systems of all major model cars, trucks or SUV?s. Furthermore, they can perform regular scheduled maintenance on your car, which will help you pass the emissions test when the time comes. When you let one of our qualified technicians perform regular tasks for your car, like oil changes and filter replacements, you also allow them the opportunity to diagnose potentially larger problems before they cause major damage to your vehicle. The time to bring your car in for inspections like this is before you notice signs of trouble. This will allow you to pass the smog test the first time around!

What You Need to Know About California Smog Checks

Most gas-powered vehicles made after 1976 require regular smog checks, but there are some exceptions. If your car is six model years or newer, you are not required to undergo this test every other year like older model cars. However, if your car is Diesel-powered and from 1988 or after, you require regular smog checks without exception.

If you meet the smog check requirements, you will need to be inspected every other year. You?ll need to bring your DMV registration form with you when getting a smog check from Davies Auto Care, to make sure the results are properly categorized and recorded. Our mechanics will help you through the entire process, to make sure your car is in good hands and to ensure that you have all the information you need.

Passing the smog check in California is easy if you take care of your car. Davies Auto Care can help with this. We will help create and keep a maintenance schedule for all your vehicles, dependent upon your individual needs. Call our expert technicians today to get started.

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