Smog Check: Why Do You Need It?

Smog check or smog test is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance, and one that you should not neglect if you want to several hassles that include car break down and fines. But before you go ahead and search for smog test near me on a search engine, you need to understand what a smog check is and why it is important enough that it?s government-mandated.

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Smog Test and its Benefits to the Environment

You would think that the government does not really care about your car?s health, and you would be right. What the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is really concerned about is protecting public health and the environment from the dangers of air pollution. Their mandate comes from the Clean Air Act (1990), which authorizes the government body to oversee states with regard to emissions.

California has Its Own Smog Check Policies

Despite the EPA?s mandate, the state of California is allowed to adopt its own emissions standards. And this is why typing smog check near me? is important if you live in California: the state has the toughest standards in the country with regard to emissions. So auto shops from other states might not be as stringent and could consider your car fine even though it will fail California?s emissions standards. If you want to be safe, you need to pick a local auto shop like Davies Auto Care that understands the state?s different requirements.

Difference Between California and Other States? Smog Checks

In most states, vehicle emissions testing is required every two years, but not all vehicles require a smog check. California follows this format, and you are only expected to get a smog check if your vehicle type and model year falls into a specific criteria. Newer vehicles (newer than six years old) are not required to undergo the biennial smog check.

However, even if your car is exempted from the emissions and safety inspection, it is still a good idea to get a smog test on a yearly basis, due to a number of important reasons.

Main Benefit of a Smog Test Near Me

The fact that reduced smog will be beneficial to the environment, as well as reduce the risk of asthma for your family members, regular emissions testing will also help you catch problems related to your car?s exhaust system well in advance. Most problems, when caught early, can be fixed but if neglected will result in costly repairs.

So if you car has not had a smog test for a while, contact Davies Auto Care and we?ll give you a free consultation. It?s not just emissions testing. We service cars in the Palm Springs area and specialize in full service, preventive maintenance, and other vehicle-related services. We have been in service since 1993 and have a great track record of providing top notch services.