Facts About Oil Change Cathedral City Residents Should Know

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There are some important information about oil change cathedral city car owners need to know about. For starters, changing the vehicle?s oil is not rocket science. It is very straightforward and beneficial, but is often overlooked. Oil is essential to making a car run smoothly and efficiently, but the oil will become old and dirty over time. IT needs replacement every 3 months or every 3,000 miles.

The kind of oil change cathedral city car owners can expect from Davies Auto Care will exceed factory recommendations, since the maintenance schedules that the shop follows are less lax in order to meet the stringent demands imposed by the state of California, as well as the harsh weather conditions present in Cathedral City, a well-known desert city that is lively and beautiful but constantly battered by brutal sun and desert conditions.

Scheduled Oil Change Cathedral City Residents Should Follow

Some car owners tend to think that they don?t need to change the oil in their car, simply because they have plenty of oil available. This is a mistake, and could be a costly one at that. During normal regular use, the oil in a car can be ruined by one or all of the following:

  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Old, dirty oil
  • Worn out additives
  • Various contaminants

An Oil Change Cathedral City Car Owners Need to Get

The effects of bad oil on the engine can be devastating. If your oil is subar, the engine can?t lubricate and will drastically reduce its lifespan. In this sense, the oil change cathedral city cars will get can be a massive cost-saving measure ? the cost of an oil change from Davies Autocare is a fraction of the cost of repairs or replacement of an entire engine. ?We also provide engine repair services, if things get this worse. You can visit our Engine Repair?page for more details.

Another benefit of an oil change is that it improves efficiency, giving you more miles per gallon. This is because an engine struggling due to old, dirty oil will be working harder and slower, requiring more gas to produce the same work that a new engine will do.

Don’t Neglect Your Car: Get an Oil Change

So if you have been neglecting the oil in your car, or if your car has been neglected for quite some time, an oil change may be overdue. Stop by Davies Autocare today and get some much needed checkup or oil change. Better yet, contact us through our website and we will give you a free quote.

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