Things You Can Learn from Palm Desert Auto Mechanics

palm desert auto mechanics

Palm Desert, and the rest of South California for that matter, is home to a climate that can be particularly harsh on automobiles. Desert cities tend to have a lot of dust and debris, while the heat itself will affect a car in many unwanted ways. This is why Palm Desert auto mechanics tend to be really good at what they do – they have to deal with the worst car problems all year round.

This is why they are also a great source for some tips when it comes to keeping your car in tip-top shape. Outside of taking it to Davies Auto Care for regular maintenance, at least. Here are some of the really helpful tips:

Palm Desert Auto Mechanics Recommend Regularly Changing Your Coolant

Coolant is very important in a car frequently used in a warm city. But the problem is that coolant does not last forever. Palm Desert auto mechanics recommend changing the coolant at least every 24 thousand miles (green coolant) or 100 thousand miles for the extended-life variant. Driving with worn coolant is risky because you will stress the radiator, heater core, and water pump.

Don?t Neglect Your Fluids

Cars are very much like humans in the sense that they depend so much on fluids. Don?t neglect the transfer case fluid and engine oil if you want your vehicle to last. A shop like Davies Auto Care can replace both for a miniscule amount compared to the hundreds and thousands in repair cost if components break down due to neglect.

Sometimes Cleaning Components is Enough

Many car owners are scared of bringing their car to the shop because they think they need replacement on malfunctioning parts like headlights or electricals, when in fact some of them only require minor cleaning if caught early. Some examples include:

  • Headlights – some headlights may start to appear cloudy or dim, but don?t require replacement yet. Sometimes they can be ?brought back to health? just by cleaning with a specially designed kit.
  • Battery Terminals – electricals are difficult to diagnose for the average car owner, especially when the problem lies not in the electronics themselves, but merely with a corroded battery terminal. Don?t waste hundreds of dollars on replacements when the problem can sometimes be fixed just by cleaning corroded battery terminals.
  • Coolants – some car owners make the mistake of experimenting with different coolants. The cost of this mistake can run anywhere from $400 to $1000, but avoiding the problem is easy. Don?t mix different types of coolants, because many of them coalesce into a cool ?mud? that can be problematic.

Take Your Car to Trusted Palm Desert Auto Mechanics

Not every problem in your car can be solved by DIY experimentation, especially if you?re not very car-savvy. Save yourself from a lot of headache and unnecessary costs simply by taking your car to Davies Auto Care for routine maintenance. Contact us now and we will give you a FREE quote.