Things Your Smog Mechanic Should Tell You

smog mechanic

Many drivers consider emissions testing as a huge hassle, but it is a necessary hassle if you don?t want to get into trouble and if you want to help keep the environment clean. So you need to always keep a calendar date free for a trip to your favorite smog mechanic. But unless you have a very helpful and friendly auto shop like Davies Auto Care, there may be things about emissions testing that they are not telling you.

What Your Smog Mechanic Might Not Be Telling You

  • Don?t get a smog check if your car is not running right – it may seem like common sense, but a lot of drivers are under the idea that the car will pass a smog check if the emissions system is fine, even though the car has problems somewhere else. Don?t risk it. Take your car to a smog mechanic first and get it in tip-top shape before trying to pass a smog test.
  • Drive your car for a while before going to the smog station – make sure you drive for at least 20 minutes first before you arrive at the smog station. This ensures that your car is properly warmed up and running at optimum level. The engine is a fuel burning machine, and it runs most efficient when it?s had time to warm up. 
  • Use additives – no, this is not considered cheating. Using fuel additives are normal and they help your engine run more efficiently, which means there is potential to reduce emission levels. But make sure you use a fuel additive that works with your engine. Consult your smog mechanic if you are not sure.
  • Get your tire inflated properly – car models year 1999 or older will have its exhaust collected by a smog emissions machine while running on a dynamometer. You need the tire pressures to be even and correct to ensure stability and accuracy during the exam.
  • Change Oil – if your car is already halfway through its next change oil schedule, do so. A fresh oil change will give you optimal efficiency and therefore a better chance to pass a smog test.
  • Do not take the test if the battery was recently disconnected – a recent jump start or battery replacement means that the computer recently lost power, which means its internal self-test monitors were expunged. Without these internal monitors, your vehicle might not pass the test.

Need Help from a Credible Expert Smog Mechanic?

If your old smog mechanic failed to warn you of the above things, it might be a chance that you need to find a new auto shop. If you are somewhere within California, Davies Auto Care is your best bet. Contact us now and we?ll see what we can do for you.