When is it Time to Visit a Transmission Shop

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The transmission system is an important part of your vehicle, mainly because neglecting it can result in progressive damage to other parts of the car. But it is normal for car owners to avoid spending money when they don?t really need to. The big question is how do you know if it is time to visit a transmission shop like Davies Auto Care?

Signs That it?s Time to Visit a Transmission Shop

You Haven?t Changed the Transmission Fluid in a While

New vehicles are advised to have their transmission fluid changed every 100,000 miles, but older vehicles will most likely require shorter service intervals. If you have exceeded 100,000 miles and have not yet changed your fluid, then a trip to a transmission shop is in order.

You Haven?t Had a Full Checkup from a Transmission Shop Yet

Checking transmission can be difficult, and usually requires a mechanic put your car on a lift for examination. So even if your car ?feels? fine, if you haven’t had preventive checkup or maintenance in a while, it is a safe bet that your transmission needs checking. Make sure to ask the mechanic to check your transmission fluid when you bring it in for maintenance. He or she is the only one who can c heck for pollutants or small metal particles in the fluid.

You Get Actual Malfunctions and Breakdowns

This is the point where it?s already obvious that your car is overdue for a trip to the transmission shop, but don?t worry. Great auto shops like Davies Auto Care can still bring your car back to health even if it?s already suffering from a malfunctioning automatic, gearshifts that are erratic, and other driving-related problems that may or may not even be related to a faulty transmission.

You Get the Urge to DIY Repairs

Car owners can definitely learn to maintain their own cars, but a transmission problem can be a complicated and messy task for the average motorist. Just accessing the transmission properly would already require ramps, jack stands, or a lift ? things that are usually not part of the average car owner?s garage. That’s not to mention the higher degree of patience and dexterity needed.

Additionally, modern cars usually have transmissions that are sealed and require the dealer?s service computer. In these cases, a transmission shop like Davies Auto Care can coordinate with the dealer in order to do things properly without affecting your car?s warranty.

So if you have any transmission problems, contact Davies Auto Care now so that we can give you a FREE quote.