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smog-certificationIf your vehicle is need of a smog check, Davies Auto Care is the right place to take your car! We are licensed to give your car a smog check and certify your vehicle! Even if you have a car that produces unhealthy emission, known as ?gross polluters?, there is a certain category that will recognize these vehicles so that they can be repaired. The Bureau of Automotive Repair requires cars to have a smog check to ensure that they are not polluting the air.

With the millions of cars on the road, you can only imagine how disgusting and unsanitary our air would become without checking and repairing cars that need to reduce the amount of emission they produce. The Clean Air Act was established in the 1970?s to help keep harmful pollution out of the air. Smog checks are required for all vehicles with the exception to a few certain types such as hybrids, electric, a 1975 model or older, etc. If your vehicle is need of a smog check, you will be required to submit the certification for proof that it passed. If it passes, your information and certification will be sent to the DMV. However, if it doesn?t pass, you can have it diagnosed and repaired. If you?re concerned about it passing, there are few measures you can take. Although a well-maintained car should pass the test, some steps you can take two weeks prior to the test are to have a tune-up, take care of the check engine light, and change the oil if it?s needed.

If you have any questions or concerns about having a smog check, the experts at Davies Auto Care will be more than happy to discuss it with you. Help your car pass the test by taking your car in, so our technicians can give it a tune-up and ensure it is working properly and efficiently. Let us take care of your smog check, so you can safely get back out on the road again!

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