Types of Car Repair You Can’t Afford to Skip

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We understand that car repair can make a serious dent on your finances, and that sometimes a car can still function even if you delay getting repairs. However, there are specific repairs that you can?t afford to skip because of the following reasons:

  • Continued use can result in damage to other parts
  • A damaged but functioning part can result in an accident
  • Delaying repair could make a part unsalvageable, thereby increasing costs of repair

So if you don?t want to kick yourself later for exacerbating a problem, out of a misguided need to save on costs, here are the most common car repairs that you can?t afford to skip:

Most Needed Car Repair Procedures

Replacement of Brake Pads

Brakes are easily one of the most important parts in a car, because its malfunction can result in loss of life not just for the affected cars, but for other people on the road as well. However, the danger lies in the fact that brake pads tend to wear gradually, and drivers only notice a worn out or broken brake pad when the changes in braking performance is already too severe to be ignored. It is therefore important to always get a brake service from a trusted shop like Davies Auto Care, so that problems can be caught early on.

Delaying the fix or replacement for the brake pads is not only dangerous, it is also costly. Neglecting the brake pads and shoes will result in the brakes themselves failing ? and the parts that will break are very costly to repair. Replacing rotors, drums, and calipers will cost so much that it will feel like you?ve applied for a new house mortgage.

Oil Change

It?s no secret that oil is the lifeblood of your car?s engine. It reduces wear, protects the pistons, rings and cylinder walls, and helps cool engine parts. Getting behind on your regular oil change will result in carbon and varnish buildup, both of which will destroy other parts of your car.

But the big reason why you shouldn?t skip regular oil change is the fact that it is easy enough that you can do it yourself, and it is cheap enough that you can hire a professional to do it for you without hurting your budget.

Air Filter Replacement

This is another one that should be a no-brainer because it?s relatively inexpensive, yet will cost you big money if neglected. This is because the performance system depends on the air filter to screen out harmful dirt and grime, preventing these contaminants from finding their way to the engine and causing internal wear. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducted a study that proves the benefits of a new air filter: the fuel economy of a carbureted engine improves by 2 to 14 percent simply by replacing the air filter.

Headlight Repair

This is one repair that is frequently ignored by many car owners looking to save a few bucks. After all, a burned out headlight does not really lead to engine failure or the transmission falling out. However, it could result in a very costly (both in terms of money and life) accident. Even if you magically avoid any problems resulting from poor nighttime visibility, it could still be costly when (not if) you are caught and fined. Because states require vehicles to have a functioning headlight at all times.

Davies Auto Care Provides Affordable Car Repair Without Sacrificing Quality

So if you are really on a limited budget and in need of car repair and maintenance, don?t try to skip on any of the above procedures. Instead, take your car down to Davies Auto Care and we will happily try and recommend repairs or replacements that will fit your budget, without sacrificing quality of service or parts. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.