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Cathedral City Check Engine Light

comprehensive car careMany drivers fail to understand the true nature of their check engine light. It is likely because it is not a frequently used feature of the car. Because its main purpose is to indicate the time for vehicle inspection. Outside of its main purpose, it also helps to understand how the check engine light on, so that you will know what to expect when the service engine light comes on.

The service engine light is connected directly to the car’s electronic control module, or ECM. This ECM serves as the proverbial brain of the engine, being responsible for a number of different functions. The car is fitted with various sensors that send information to the ECM, which it uses to monitor the performance and health of the car. If the ECM detects that the car is no longer functioning according to factory standards, it will turn the check engine light on.

The main problem that many vehicle owners encounter is that there are many reasons for the engine check light to come on, but it will not tell exactly what is wrong. It only serves as the starting point for diagnosis and troubleshooting. Here are a number of the most common reasons why the check engine light is on:

  • Problems with the transmission – the ECM considers an overheating transmission as enough reason to turn on the check engine light.
  • Gas cap is loose – if your gas cap is not tightened properly, it could lead to big trouble while driving. So it is one of the reasons an ECM will turn on the check engine light.
  • Dirty fuel injectors – a dirty fuel injector will make the service engine light come on because it could lead to car troubles if neglected.
  • Defective 02 sensor – the oxygen sensor is important because it measures the oxygen levels in your exhaust. In order to prevent incorrect readings, the ECM will turn on the check engine light if it detects faulty behavior.

One big mistake you need to avoid is to ignore the check engine light. There are drivers who will ignore it because the car is running smoothly even if it’s turned on. This habit is dangerous, and can be costly. Any problem that brings up the service engine light will lead to degradation over time. If you ignore it, you won’t feel the effects until its too late.

Continued driving while the check engine light is on is gambling on your vehicle’s health, and possible your own as well. You have to pay close special attention if the service engine light is flashing. This is a serious sign and should be taken as an indication that you need to take your car to Davies Auto Care for a Cathedral City safety inspection. Contact us now if your service engine light is coming on, and you don’t want to avoid costly repairs in the future. Our vehicle inspection services include Auto Safety Inspection, Car Battery, and Automotive Diagnostics.

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