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Cathedral City Car Safety Inspection

general inspectionIf you are getting ready for an out of town drive, you should make it a point to conduct an extensive safety check of your vehicle. You want to avoid experiencing car trouble while you’re already on the road. It helps if you have some car troubleshooting skill and can fix problems when they happen, but a safety check beforehand is still good because it’s preventative instead of reactive.

A lot of car owners understandably worry, unsure if their car is capable of a long trip even though it already has high mileage. Davies Auto Care has consistently proven to our longtime customers that a high mileage is not a concern, and their car can be relied on if it is well-maintained. And maintenance is where we come in. Davies Auto Care is the best provider of car safety inspection and vehicle maintenance services in Cathedral City and neighboring areas.

We have expert technicians and mechanics that can conduct an extensive professional safety inspection on any vehicle model that arrives in our shop. However, it still helps if every driver knows the basics, such as spotting signs of potential car trouble before a trip. There are a number of basic safety checks that you can do on your own. Even if you don’t plan on doing the fixes on your own, it can help you know beforehand if it’s time to visit Davies Auto Care.

First thing you can check before a long trip is all fluid levels. Make sure your vehicle is parked on level ground, and the engine has been turned off. You should start with a check of the engine oil, followed by the brake fluid, then the transmission fluid, and the power steering fluid. Once that’s done, you should also do a spot check of your windshield wiper fluid and engine coolant.

After the fluid checks, you can go ahead and check the engine hoses while you are there. Check for any cracks or for brittleness in the rubber. You should also check for leaks. Make sure you do these checks once the engine has cooled down, ideally first thing in the morning after leaving the car overnight.

Another thing you can check is the tires. Check for the right tire pressure, as well as signs of wear and tear. After this, you can go ahead and check the Serpentine Belt. This is connected to the drive pulley of the engine. All it requires on your end is a visual inspection.

Follow this up with checks on your headlights, the horn, and turn signals. You can get help from a buddy or a family member to check for functionality while you turn them on and off from the driver’s seat. Make sure there are no problems with the Cathedral City car battery first. This check is important not just for safety, because driving with broken lights can also get you in trouble with law enforcement.

Finally, you can check if your wiper blades are functional and in tip-top shape. Our vehicle inspection services include Check Engine Light, Car Battery, and Automotive Diagnostics.

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