City Car Care Tips

city car care

Most people would think that a city car is not as battered and bruised as a rally car or an all terrain vehicle. It is true that urban driving is generally less stressful on a car compared to a dirt road. But that does not mean you shouldn?t take good care of your vehicle. If you want your investment to last for a long time, these city car care tips should be followed:

City Care Care Involves Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a car is a crucial part of city car care, and most people do it. But they don?t do it enough. Most people only clean outside of the car, and leave the interiors messy and dirty. The problem with this kind of neglect is that not only will it show everyone how unkempt you are, it will also attract and accumulate dirt and grime. Over time, it could damage both the interior and exterior.

Get an Oil Change Every 5K to 7K Miles

Getting an oil change is crucial because it keeps your engine lubricated, and prevents detergents from ruining your day. And simply having oil is not enough. It needs to be regularly changed and kept fresh, as old oil will have eventually accumulate dirt and contaminants. Different car manufacturers recommend different timeframe between oil changes, but 5K to 7K miles is a good middle ground. A good auto shop like Davies Auto Care has access to information from the manufacturer or dealership, which allows them to know a good oil change schedule for your vehicle.

Check Air Tire Pressures Regularly

It is recommended that you check your tire pressure every 7,500 miles or so, because incorrect tire pressure can lead to a host of costly ? if not fatal ? problems. These include:

  • poor gas mileage
  • poor braking
  • instability
  • flat tires

You should also take your car to Davies Auto care to get them rotated, so they wear out evenly.

City Car Care Needs Brake Pad Replacement Every Once in a While

A car?s brakes is usually the one thing that separates a close call from a fatal collision, so it is a good idea to have your brakes checked regularly by a professional, and to have it replaced immediately if needed. Neglecting the brake pads can lead to costly repairs due to broken rotors, or even a fatal accident.

Err on the Safe Side: Get City Car Care from Davies Auto Care

City car care actually involves a lot more steps than the ones outlined above, and it?s easy for the average motorist to forget or neglect one of them. Don?t fall into this trap. Instead, take your car to a credible auto shop such as Davies Auto Care, and they will handle everything that is needed to keep your car in tip-top shape. Contact Davies Auto Care now and receive a free estimate.