Keep Your Car in Top Shape at Davies Auto Care

Davies Auto Care has been at the forefront of auto repair for almost three decades. Keeping our customers’ autos running smoothly is our number one priority which is why we take a proactive approach when it comes to preventing problems instead of waiting until there is an issue and fixing it. Whether it’s a routine engine service or your engine light comes on, our mechanics are trained to find a fix. Bring us your car for any type of engine issue to be serviced and we will handle the rest.


Davies Auto Care can help you with any problems related to the computer systems in your car. We offer services at a fair price that will get the job done right the first time around! This service is one of our most popular, because whether you’re having trouble with your headlights or turn signals it makes driving at night safe and efficient, as well as keeping other drivers aware of your presence on the road. The electrical system, whether it’ being misused, handled improperly, or abused by an insurance company after a vehicle accident can lead to more serious issues having nothing to do with flat tires. When problems like these arise in your ride we strongly recommend making sure they are taken care of immediately by calling upon Davies Auto Care for electronic services in your next visit! If your car is experiencing problems with the engine, for example misfiring or irregular power, you will need to give your local mechanic a call! These can all be signs that your fuel injector is broken or has a leak and needs replacement.

Check Engine Light

When Davies Auto Care comes to your aid to fix any automotive-related issues you might be experiencing, we know that it can be unnerving if you start experiencing symptoms that make you feel like there’s something majorly wrong with your vehicle. That’s why we want to take the time to let you know what some of the most common reasons are for lights going on and off in car models of all makes and models so that when they do go off, as frightening as it is, you’ll be able to recognize the warning signs and figure out how best to deal with them. For example, if a check engine light goes on meaning there is a serious issue then best call in professional help quickly. If a check engine light simply starts blinking as opposed to staying on permanently, this could mean different things depending on whether or not it is accompanied by other lights.

Some people confuse the brake warning light with the emergency brake light (which indicates you need to slow down safely if there’s a vehicle in front of you or if the road is slippery), but they are very different. One warns you about regular maintenance whereas the other shows that your car is in trouble. The signal varies in colour from orange to yellow and most modern vehicles won’t let you start up your engine unless it hasn’t malfunctioned. If it flashes while driving on the road, then it means there is an even bigger problem – a misfire which can build up too much heat for your engine, causing it to overheat and create a fire hazard.

So don’t ignore your check engine light. It’s there for a reason! These lights were installed to protect your car from malfunctioning and damage. If the check engine light comes on and it is steady rather than flashing, some people know it isn’t an emergency and will choose to ignore it for fear of a costly bill; however, not getting it checked by a mechanic can cause a much more expensive problem in the future. It’s better to be safe and have your car examined before a greater issue arises. But before rushing into the mechanic, you can look to see if your gas cap is tightened properly since that is a common cause with these types of Warning Lights.