Maintenance Tips from Cherry Valley Tire Shops

cherry valley tire shops

Cherry Valley is home to various credible automotive shops, particularly Davies Auto Care. So if you are looking for information on tire maintenance, there?s no better place to look than one of the many Cherry Valley tire shops out there. The rough roads in the desert city community ensure that car tires in the area are frequently battered, requiring the kind of tire care that you can only get from Davies Auto Care.

Of course, you can?t always depend on an auto shop. You have to do your part in taking care of your tires. So if you want your tires to last, you should memorize the following maintenance tips from Cherry Valley tire shops:

Cherry Valley Tire Shops Recommend Regularly Checking Tire Pressure

Driving with underinflated tires will result in a number of problems, both immediate and long-term. Performance is definitely affected if you are running on soft tires. Turning will be difficult, and braking will have less precision. Long term effects are equally troublesome: your fuel economy will take a hit, so you end up spending more on gas. And the excessive friction caused by underinflated tires will cause the tires to wear out more quickly.

Check Your Tire Treads with the Penny Test

When it comes to balding or low-treading tires, the problem usually isn?t noticeable until it?s too late. But there is a way of checking your tire tread even if you have no access to a tread depth gauge. It?s called the ?Penny Test,? because it uses a penny. The process is simple:

  • Find or borrow a penny
  • Turn the penny so that Lincoln?s head is upside down
  • Insert the penny between the two treads, with Lincoln?s head pointing to the tire

If you can still see the top of Lincoln?s head, it is time to get new tires because your tire tread is too low.

Cherry Valley Tire Shops Place Great Importance in Rotating Tires

An essential component of ?tire maintenance is tire rotation. Cherry Valley tire shops swear by it. Your regular driving will eventually wear down the treads of your tires. Without periodical tire rotation, your tire treads will not wear out evenly and will result in shorter use. Evenly wearing out your tires will ensure that you get more use out of them, as well as better performance of the car itself.

Get Your Car Services by Cherry Valley Tire Shops Today

The tips above can be done easily by the average car owner. But they?re preventative measures and not meant to address more serious problems with your tires. If you want to keep your car in tip top shape, bring your car over to Davies Auto Care and we?ll make sure there will be no problems, and that your car is good to go right down to the smallest nut and bolt. Contact us today and we will give you a FREE estimate.