Types of Auto Repair that You Shouldn’t Do at Home

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Car owners should learn how to do basic car troubleshooting and repair, because it?s not practical to take the car to an auto repair shop at the slightest sign of trouble. However, there are certain repairs that you might want to avoid until you have enough automotive knowledge to rival a mechanic. The reason? These auto repair jobs are just too complicated for the average car owner. They may also require electronic equipment that only auto repair shops and car dealerships have access to.

Auto Repair Jobs Best Left to the Pros

Transmission Repair

In the past, transmission repair was already a massively complicated task that requires in-depth knowledge of all the gears, rods, tensioners, and components present in a car?s transmission system. The task has only become more complicated these days, owing to the use of various sensors and electronics in modern cars. Transmission repair will require the use of heavy duty tools and equipment accessible only to a car dealer or an auto repair shop that coordinates with your car dealership, such as Davies Auto Care. Transmission repair is not something that the average car owner can even begin to attempt.

Snapped Coil Springs

Snapped coil springs can be attempted by the amateur mechanic, but it is ill-advised to do so because of the complexity and riskiness. The coil springs in a car are under extreme pressure, and any attempt to swap springs puts the amateur mechanic at risk of injury or even death. In this case, any money you ?can save from doing the repair yourself is not worth the risk of potential bodily harm or death.

Airbag Replacement

Replacement of airbags is expensive and labor-intensive. Superficially, it seems very simple because it consists only of three steps:

  • Unplug the old airbag
  • Remove the old airbag
  • Install a new airbag

However in practice these three steps are very complex and will include additional repair work, such as replacing the dash and other surfaces that cover the airbag. That?s not even counting the need to test the new airbag, which is well outside the capabilities of an amateur mechanic. It is best to leave tasks like these to an auto repair shop like Davies Auto Care.

Rebuilding the Engine

Needless to say that the engine is one of the most important and complex parts of a car, and its rebuilding is not something that an amateur mechanic should attempt. The rise in popularity of computers in cars definitely made it more complicated now, which means if your vehicle?s engine is in need of extensive repair or rebuilding, you have no choice but to take it to a qualified auto repair shop.

Brake Repair and Replacement

The car?s brakes are usually the only thing separating a close call from a tragedy. It is not something that you should try to cheap out on. This is one case where you should exchange your peace of mind and your family?s safety with a negligible amount of savings. Get a qualified mechanic to repair your brakes and avoid a potentially tragic incident from ever occurring.

Get Your Auto Repair Needs from Davies Auto Care

So once you’ve had the proper sense to avoid taking on any of the above repair jobs on your own, you need to find a qualified auto repair shop. In which case, you should contact Davies Auto Care. We have been providing top notch and cost-efficient repairs, maintenance, and other automotive services to satisfied clients since 1993. We have the experience, the skill, and the reputation so call us now and we will give you a FREE estimate.