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Auto Repair Cathedral CityDavies Auto Care is your first and only stop when it comes to solutions for your starter problems. We have years of experience providing the best starter repair service and replacement options for cars in the Cathedral City and nearby areas.

The most visible part of the starter engine system is the ignition. It’s what the driver will interact with regularly, as it lets electricity flow from the battery to the starter motor upon turning of the key. From here, we can go to two parts that facilitate the ignition to complete the circuit and start the engine – the Starter Engine itself and the Solenoid. The solenoid is chosen by manufacturers because it is more efficient, and when paired with the starter, will provide a jolt of electricity from the battery. This will help the engine “turn over”. Additionally, the starter also draws in a mixture of fuel and air in order to provide the initial combustion needed by the engine.

If your car is struggling to start, it is likely that the starter is having problems. There are a few common culprits in a misbehaving starter engine:

  • Weak Battery – if the battery is weak, either because it’s undercharged or defective, it cannot provide the starter with enough electricity to turn the engine over. You can tell it is the case if the car is making a rapid clicking noise. But sometimes it just fails to get started.
  • Problematic Solenoid – the starter and the solenoid work in tandem, so if the solenoid is broken or cracked, the necessary charge to start running on gasoline will not happen.
  • Bad Wiring – there is basic wiring involved in the starter system. If the wiring is bad or damaged, then the starter will not work. The most common cause of problems in the wiring could be a cut wire, or a wire’s insulation that has melted from excessive heat. To repair these types of problems, it usually requires a simple rewiring.

There are also mechanical issues that can result in the starter engine failing. For example, the Flywheel could break one of the many interlocking teeth that it uses to move the crankshaft and pistons. The Flywheel can break simply through aging, as any part of a car will naturally degrade over time. All of these components are inside a metal casing that cannot be serviced individually, so it is usually more cost-efficient to replace the starter engine completely.

Troubleshooting which of the many parts of a starter engine is problematic, as well as what the repair or replacement options are, can be tedious and expensive. If you are budget conscious and don’t have too much time available, it is best to take your car to Davies Auto Care. We can provide fast, long-term, and cost-efficient solutions to any starter engine problems and we also offer other services, including Cathedral city alternator replacement and more. If your car is unable to start due to the starter problems, you should contact us so we can help arrange for a towing service.

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