Engine Repair

Engine Repair or Rebuild in Cathedral City

One of the more common questions our clients have when it comes to getting their broken car engine serviced is whether to go with a full engine replacement or just go for an engine rebuild. The chief consideration here is the cost, but they also think of how long it will take. There is nothing wrong with these concerns. Car owners should always consider all of their auto repair options. And Davies Auto Care’s staff will always address all of these concerns and help guide you into making the right decision.

Engine Rebuilding

We usually recommend engine rebuilding, since it is more likely to save the car owner a lot of money. But this will depend on the state of the engine, the cause of the problem, and the parts needed to fix. There are cases where the engine is in such poor state that a replacement will be more cost-efficient, while also ensuring more reliability. Whatever the case, clients can rest easy knowing that Davies Auto Care will only use the finest auto parts and that our mechanics have the skill required to install them properly.

In most cases, rebuilding the engine is still more prudent because it costs around 20 to 50 percent less than a full replacement of the engine. The cost will still vary and will factor in the parts needed, as well as the man hours needed and whether you need other services such as cathedral city transmission repair. We know that in the end, the customer’s main concern is cost and quality of the job. So we make it a goal to provide the best results while also making the rebuilding process cost-efficient. Leave your car needs to us. We will make recommendations and explain your possible options, but the decision on whether to go with replacement or rebuilding will still be yours to make.

Problem Diagnosis

Auto Repair Cathedral CityDavies Auto Care has been in the business for decades, and we know from experience that many engine rebuilds can be avoided simply with proper diagnostics from an honest and qualified mechanic. So our first goal is always to provide an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of your engine troubles. From there, we can help you come to a decision on how to proceed. We are very transparent and always forthcoming when it comes to the cost of parts and labor. We are dedicated to making customers happy with our work, because we want to give you a reason to come back.

In cases where we recommend a replacement of the engine, it is because it is the best option. Perhaps the engine is already far too worn, and a new engine will add more valuable problem-free years to your car’s life. When we suggest a replacement, we want you to know that we only do so if it’s the best option for returning your car into a reliable working condition.

Our other auto repair services include Transmission Repair, Brake Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Radiator Repair, Starter Replacement, and Alternator Replacement.

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