Things to Remember Before Getting an Oil Change Near Me

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One of the key traits of serious car owners is their self-reliance. As much as possible, they want to try doing something first before going to an auto shop. Part of it is the sheer joy one gets from succeeding without requiring help, and another is to cut down on costs. So if you are looking to get oil change services, but don?t want to get an oil change near me just yet, there are a few things you have to do before hand.

Things to Remember Before an Oil Change Near Me

Let Things Cool Down First

It may seem like common sense, but many car owners have learned the hard way that trying to change oil while it is still warm can lead to serious burns. Make sure the temperature drops a little bit before attempting an oil change.

Or Heat Things Up Beforehand

On the other hand, don?t try to change oil immediately if the car has not been used for a long time and the weather is cold. Since the oil might not flow freely.Fire the engine up for 2 minutes, which should get the oil to warm enough for to flow, with risking instant burns. If the engine is still hot after being driven, let it sit for a half hour before draining the oil. As always, it is a good idea to wear protective gear in order to avoid accidents.

You Need a Drain Pan in Order to Avoid Spills

A service oil change is going to be messy if you don?t have something to catch the oil. Get a drain pan, which should be found easily in automotive stores. There are a number of types to choose from, such as funnel-top, open top, semi-open with drain spout, and drain spout. The best option is the funnel-top, because it is protected by a cover. This lowers the risk of spills.

oil change near me

Don?t Forget the Filter Seal

Many novices tend to forget one important thing when getting oil changes: leaving the filter seal dry. This is a big mistake because it will lead to trouble down the line, such as loose fitting and leaky filters. This will further result in the filter unthreading on its own, and all the oil spilling on the ground. To avoid this, make sure you fill the filter about halfway with oil, then spread a little around the seal itself before reinstallation.

You Should Keep the Oil’s Weight in Mind

Different engines require different oil weights. Make sure you find the one that fits your car make and model. It should be printed on the oil fill cap, while some cars also list it on the spec sticker under the hood. This can also be affected by the weather, because the oil will thicken when the temperature drops. You?ll have to ask your auto shop, such as Davies Auto Care, for this specific info because it may be too technical for the average car owner.

oil change near me

Dispose of the Used Oil Properly

You can?t simply dump the used oil wherever you want, because it is an environmental hazard. In fact, some states even have laws regarding the proper disposal of used oil. If it may sound too complicated, don?t worry. A fuel system cleaning service is definitely complicated, which is why auto shops like Davies Auto Care are better suited to doing it for you. Contact us now and we?ll help you get an oil change.