Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Cathedral City

Many car owners tend to overlook their vehicle’s transmission system, which is a big mistake because it is one of the most important parts of a car when it comes to ensuring smooth operation. It is also very expensive to replace. Car owners who neglect their transmission tend to realize their folly only when it is too late. The proper care for a car’s transmission is to have it serviced once every 50,000 miles. If you need your transmission serviced, Davies Auto Care is the place to go.

Parts of a Transmission to Consider

  • TransmissionGears: even if you are driving an automatic, the gears inside the transmission are still shifting regularly. The gears are broken into two groups called the Main and Planetary. 
  • Fluid: whether the car is automatic or manual, it still needs fluid to run smoothly. Without fluid, the car will literally come to a grinding halt.
  • Filter: the filter in the transmission helps keep the fluid free of contaminants and particles, ensuring that the shifting remains smooth.
  • Bell Housing: Bell housings protect the internal components housed within, such as the flywheel and torque converter. It is bolted securely onto the engine block, but can be found in other places depending on whether the car is a front wheel, rear wheel, or 4WD.

Since the car’s transmission is very expensive to repair and replace, Davies Auto Care recommends that the car owner takes good care of it. This way, the transmission will not degrade and will not require costly cathedral city brake repair or even more costly replacement for years to come. The smartest way is to bring in the car for regular maintenance of the transmission. And don’t forget to bring it to our shop at the first sign of the transmission acting up. We will get to the root cause of the problem and make recommendations, with an eye towards providing the most cost-efficient solution.

Transmission Problems Covered by Comprehensive Analysis

  • Fluid Levels – since this is the lifeblood of your transmission system, it is important to check the fluid, including the coolant, hydraulic fluid, and lubricant.
  • Road Test – we will also do a road test of your automobile and check for problems with the shifting sequences, variations in the gear selections, and other transmission-related problems. You can accompany our mechanic if you want each procedure to be explained as they happen.
  • Engine Operation – we can also check for problems in the engine that can affect the transmission. 
  • CV Joints, Axles, Boots, etc – some of these parts are small enough and can be replaced easily, but they still pose a huge problem if neglected. 
  • Transmission and Engine Mounts – bad mounts can wreak havoc on your engine and transmission.
  • Leaks and Seeps – not directly related to the transmission itself, but a leak could mean loss of fluid, which in turn will affect your transmission negatively.
  • Drive Shaft and Undercarriage – some problems that are normally attributed to transmission issues are actually because of these moving parts.
  • Transmission Linkage – we will check for parts that are worn and damaged, especially ones that already cause erratic behavior in shifting.
  • Cooling System – your car’s cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine’s temperature within healthy levels. This is an easy part to overlook, because the instrument panel doesn’t show the operating temperature of the transmission. Constant overheating of the transmission will lead to its death. 
  • Differential Operation – sometimes problems are also caused by leaks and seen through bearing or gear noise.
  • Transmission Pan – the transmission pan is also an important part to check. Excessive metal in the pan or in the filter indicates that we need to investigate further into the internal parts of the transmission, as it is a sign of a problem that will get worse over time.

Davies Auto Care has years of experience servicing transmissions within Cathedral City and neighboring areas. Our assessments are transparent and straightforward, and always intended to make the customer happy with the results. All it takes to get your transmission serviced is a quick call or an email. 

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