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Cathedral City Air Filter Repair

Cars are exposed to large amounts of dust on a regular basis, especially in a desert city like Cathedral City. This is why regular maintenance and replacement of the cabin air filter and engine intake filter is important. A fully functional filter will ensure smooth engine performance while driving around town.

Similar to humans, car engines also need oxygen in order to function. The main problem is that the car pulls in not just air, but also takes in all the contaminants that are floating in the air all the time. This includes dust, grime, and much larger objects like insects, leaves, and small stones. If all of these contaminants find their way to your engine, you’ll have a car that is not performing to its full potential and slowly degrading. Without a working filter, your car will eventually stop functioning.

Many of the filters are custom shaped and designed to fit next to oddly shaped components, and they can use a wide range of different filtration methods. Some of the more common air intake filter technologies include:

  • Paper – this is the most common choice for car manufacturers, involving several layers of thin flexible paper-like material in order to prevent dust and other objects from affecting your engine.
  • Foam – this type of filter relies on open cell foam, which is sometimes aided by oil in order to trap dirt. This type of filter is frequently used on off-road vehicles.
  • Cotton Gauze – gauze filters are not as common among automotive manufacturers. They are similar to pleated paper filters, but the difference is that they can be cleaned and reused.

A Cabin Air Filter works similarly, but for a different application. It prevents dust, grime, and allergens from entering the vehicle cabin. It protects the driver and passenger, but can also protect car components from contaminants that normally find their way through the interior.

Air filters come in a wide range of designs, and will vary in terms of effectiveness and longevity. Pleated paper air filter is the most common type, mainly because it is the cheapest to produce. But as expected of any commercial product, you get what you pay for. Cheaper products usually have caveats. If you want the best filtering ability and longest life, you should opt for higher grade filters made of composite fiber materials. Some of them even have a deodorizer that helps keep your car smelling fresh.

Davies Auto Care ensures that you only get the highest quality parts that fit your budget, regardless of whether you are looking for a standard replacement air intake filter or a performance enhancing intake. We also help diagnose and maintain other parts, including the Cathedral City fuel injector service. We will help you get your car back up and running and free of contaminants. Contact us and we will be happy to set up an appointment. Our auto maintenance services also cover Fuel Filter, Differential, Timing Belt, Power Steering, Fuel Injector, Suspension, as well as Belts and Hoses.

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