Timing Belt Replacement

Cathedral City Timing Belt Replacement

It is easy for many car owners to forget all about their timing belt, even though timing belt replacement is required every sixty or ninety-thousand miles. It leads to many vehicles behaving strangely, without the driver knowing the reason. If you ever feel your car start to handle oddly after sixty thousand miles, a problematic timing belt might be the culprit.

transmission diagnosticsThe main purpose of a timing belt is to control the frequency of the engine valve’s opening and closing. It can also help operate the oil and water pumps. Based on this explanation, it is easy to surmise that a timing belt that is skipping will result in the car’s engine not getting the resources that it needs at the right time. The timing belt has high tensile fibers like kevlar running the length of the belt, so they will not wear out nor snap easily. But problems could result in the belt “skipping teeth”. There are a few telltale signs of a problematic timing belt:

  • Abnormal exhaust amounts
  • An engine that struggles to get started
  • A car that shakes or vibrates abnormally
  • Engines that shut down intermittently or start up way too fast.

Replacing a timing belt can be expensive, both in terms of parts and labor. So you should aim to pay attention to these signs. If problems are caught early, Davies Auto Care can ensure that your timing belt is fixed without breaking the bank. Another incentive to always watch over your timing belt is that neglecting the problem could result in a catastrophic breakdown, requiring a complete rebuild of your motor.

Fortunately, even replacement of a timing belt is still cheaper than your entire motor requiring a rebuild. Davies Auto Care can help you avoid costly rebuilds and replacements by performing maintenance checks and diagnoses of your car. We understand that the timing belt is an important part of your car – we will make sure that the belt tension is precisely set. If it’s too loose, it will flop and make excessive noise while also wearing down the belt. If it’s too tight, the engine will struggle and result in a whining noise, even if you have Cathedral City power steering fluid change.

Do not be surprised if technicians also recommend a replacement of the water pump, even though you only took the car to the shop for a timing belt service. This is because almost 90% of the work needed to change the water pump is already done when servicing the timing belt, and many technicians consider it smart to go ahead with a replacement of the pump. You get the benefits of a brand new pump, while saving on costs that you would normally incur if you just need a pump replacement. But Davies Auto Care knows that clients want to avoid extra charges as much as possible, so we will only make a suggestion and will not do the extra work without your express permission.

Lastly, Davies Auto Care can also improve the performance of your car with an aftermarket timing belt. Standard timing belts that came from the manufacturer are always the bare minimum needed for a fully functioning car. There are higher quality timing belts that can bring more performance without any negative side effects or caveats. Our auto maintenance services also cover Fuel Filter, Differential, Power Steering, Air Filter, Fuel Injector, Suspension, as well as Belts and Hoses.

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