Cathedral City Driveline and Differential Repair

Transmission ReplacementMost car owners only have a limited understanding of the complex systems involved in making their vehicles move. Two of the most importance pieces of these systems that are frequently misunderstood are the Driveline and Differential. These two components make up majority of the power behind the engine’s ability to move the car. Fortunately for Cathedral City car owners, they have Davies Auto Care to handle any problems arising from driveline and differential failures.

The Purpose of a Differential

The main purpose of the differentials is to facilitate the rotation of the wheels at different speeds, while still producing a consistent amount of torque. This keeps handling of the vehicle smooth and consistent regardless of speed. Different types of cars have different configurations for their differentials, depending on whether it’s a rear wheel drive or a four wheel drive. There are a few telltale signs of a problematic differential:

Sounds of clunking and banging every few feet. The sounds are most likely coming from the pinion gear or a broken ring.
A whirring sound when you are driving past 20mph. The sound may become more prominent while turning. This is most likely caused by a worn-out carrier bearing.
A howling or whining sound when you accelerate quickly. Possible reasons are gears not properly set up or worn out pinion gears.
Noticeable vibration with increasing intensity during acceleration, usually an indication that the drive shaft is imbalanced or u-joints that are worn out.

There are numerous possible symptoms of a differential problem because the component is complex.

You need experts from Davies Auto Care to pinpoint the problem and solution.

The driveline is a little bit less complex than the differential, but still requires a qualified technician when it comes to diagnosis and repairs. It consists of several components that are attached to each other with precision. The components include a driveshaft with two u-joints at each end. When the engine turns the drive shaft, the torque transfers to the differential where it is turned at a 90 degree angle in order to power the wheels and make the car move. Problems with the differential can even affect the Cathedral City timing belt change.

Taking care of your driveline and differential is paramount if you want the best drivability for your car. If you experience any of the telltale signs of trouble above, you should drop by our shop. Davies Auto care’s expert technicians and mechanics will help get your car back to tip-top shape. Our auto maintenance services also cover Fuel FilterTiming Belt, Power Steering, Air Filter, Fuel Injector, Suspension, as well as Belts and Hoses.

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