Cathedral City Suspension Maintenance

For a lot of car owners, the shocks and struts that make up the suspension system are not really a cause for concern. This is because the struts and shocks are very sturdy and relatively slow to wear. However, it is still just a matter of time. The shocks and struts will wear still wear out eventually. It’s very easy to notice when this happens, because they are essential to the car’s performance, and the safety of the passengers. It’s why Davies Auto Care considers suspensions maintenance very important.

Problems with the suspension don’t really get noticed until it’s already serious. And when neglected until it’s too late, the results could be risky. We want you to keep a close eye on our suspension, and to get you started, a basic guide on how the shock and struts work and the kind of suspension maintenance your car needs.

suspension shopThere is a wide range of functions that the suspension system is responsible for. These include helping you steer and control the vehicle even on rough, uneven roads. It helps by absorbing the impact that your car would otherwise get from everyday driving.

A commonly ignored process in automotive repair is front suspension repair. But it is very important nowadays, because there are a lot of front wheel driven vehicles on the streets right now. The car is also controlled from the front, so problems with front end suspension will hamper a driver’s ability to control and maneuver their car.

It helps if drivers are aware of the telltale signs of a problem with their suspension. The most common signs to look out for include:

  • Excessive bounce when driving – if even the slightest bumps in the road cause your vehicle to bounce, it is an indication that the shocks and struts are not working properly.
  • Dipping and/or squatting – suspension repairs are in order if your front end pulls up when you accelerate or dips when you brake.
  • Tires wear out too easily – if you notice that your tires are wearing out way faster than expected, it’s a sign that your suspensions might have problems. This is because the tires are absorbing a lot of impact that would normally be mitigated by the suspension system.

If you notice any of the above problems in your car, it is time to get your suspension checked. Even if you don’t experience any of the above problems, many car manufacturers still recommend a full suspension inspection every 50,000 miles.

Do not neglect your suspension system and just how many Cathedral City hoses change in your car. They consist of multiple parts and just one part that is degraded or defective means that the rest of the parts will get strained, resulting in the whole system breaking down eventually.

Taking care of your suspension system will allow the suspension system to take care of your car. Keep up on your maintenance by getting regular suspension inspections and maintenance services. If you want the best service without breaking the bank, drop by Davies Auto Care and we’ll help you keep your suspension system in tip-top shape. Our auto maintenance services also cover Fuel Filter, Differential, Timing Belt, Power Steering, Air Filter, Fuel Injector, as well as Belts and Hoses.

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